Iowa Corn Recognizes Corn Month

In State Groups by Chuck

Iowa Corn Promotion BoardThe Iowa Corn Promotion Board is recognizing September as Corn Month by issuing several news releases. They’re reminding consumers about the economic importance of Iowa corn and the many products that use corn.

Here’s an excerpt from their first release titled, “The Straight Story: Iowa’s Corn Crop Delivers Food, Feed, and Fuel.”

Iowa corn growers harvest nearly two billion bushels of corn each year, or about seven percent of the world’s total production. With increased demand for corn, Iowans have planted 13 percent more acres of corn this year. That crop is then transformed into livestock products that put protein on the world’s dinner plates, ethanol that fuels more cars and thousands of other essential ingredients and products. Corn is used in more than 4,000 food and non-food products and Iowa’s farm sector supplies nearly $15 billion to the state economy each year.

The Iowa Corn Promotion Board (ICPB) believes that agriculture will continue to meet the nation’s growing demand for both food and fuel. In addition to farmers planting more corn acres, new studies shatter the myths about the relationship between the price of corn, ethanol production and food prices.