Head of Chevron Clueless

In Current News, Ethanol by Chuck

Or perhaps he’s just not happy with the growth of a renewable fuel like ethanol being produced here in America to replace our dependence on foreign sources of oil while also contributing to the cleaning up of our environment. Whatever the reason (you make your own conclusion) ABC Rural reports that David O’Reilly who is the CEO and Chairman of Chevron Corporation publicly said that “biofuel production from corn and other grains is not sustainable.”

It’s just another example of someone making wild and unsubstantiated claims in an attempt to derail enthusiasm and support for the building of a new industry that will not only help our country and environment but relieve our dependence on foreign sources of fuel.

I like his statement about needing new technologies that would use things like waste to make fuel. Duh. Like that’s not also being worked on here in America? Many forms of alternative and renewable energy are being developed simultaneously and will continue to be. Let’s see if Mr. O’Reilly is willing to put his investments where his mouth is. How about contributing to the solution instead of whining and complaining?

Thanks to Dax Mahoney for the heads up.