EPA Report Shows Ethanol is Making a Difference

In Environmental, Ethanol by Cindy

A new Environmental Protection Agency report released last week indicates that ethanol additives in gasoline have helped clear the air, ground and water.

EPAThe EPA report documents the success of clean fuels programs implemented by the agency, including the replacement of MTBE with ethanol in reformulated gasoline (RFG).

Ethanol use in RFG increased and MTBE use decreased — In the summer of 1996, about 11 percent of the RFG sold contained ethanol while virtually all the remainder contained MTBE. By the summer of 2005, the ethanol share increased to about 53 percent, with corresponding decreases in MTBE.

A key finding of the “Fuel Trends Report 1995-2005” is that these programs exceeded expectations in reducing ozone pollutants and air toxics, and the research found that emission reductions were often significantly greater than regulatory requirements.

National Corn Growers Association president Ron Litterer says the report as further proof that ethanol is good not just for energy security, but a cleaner environment.

“The research is clear, and our growers are excited about meeting the demands of an expanded renewable fuels standard while still providing ample food and feed for domestic and export needs.”