Corn Versus Cellulosic Ethanol

In Ethanol by Cindy

CFDCThe newly launched blog of the Clean Fuels Development Coalition has a great commentary about cellulosic vs. corn-based ethanol going “hand-in-hand into the winner’s circle.”

CFDC Director of Program Development Burl Haigwood points out that “the excitement over cellulosic ethanol is still about the success and potential of ethanol, which in any other form of production, is still ethanol.”

Corn-based ethanol brought cellulosic technology to the alternative fuels dance and we should all be doing the two step – first step ethanol, second step cellulose. Cellulosic ethanol will answer many of the concerns of critics over ethanol’s ability to significantly and sustainably become an important component of our nation’s energy strategy. We should all move forward with enthusiasm for corn-based ethanol, improvements in the process technology, the improved methods of growing of corn and other energy crops, and continue to develop cellulosic ethanol. Throwing out the corn-based ethanol before it reaches its full potential (e.g., cellulosic) is like turning off the old black and white TV before seeing HDTV. So stay tuned in to see more developments in ethanol and ethanol feedstocks.

Great stuff – read it all here.