Schafer Addresses Feed Costs For Cattle Producers

In Administration, Ethanol by Cindy

Sec. SchaferNew Agriculture Secretary Ed Schafer made his first major public policy speech today at the Cattle Industry Convention in Reno, NV where high feed costs are a major topic of conversation.

Schafer addressed the issue in his remarks, stressing that the situation is short term.

“For today and tomorrow the growing demand for ethanol is likely going to mean that corn prices will stay higher than you want them to be,” Schafer said. But he believes the energy bill outlines a plan to move the industry rapidly toward cellulosic ethanol production which should ultimately help ease feed price pressure.

“As that technology develops and as we move into non-feed sources to generate our energy needs, it will stop distorting the prices of your feed,” Schafer told the cattle producers.

You can listen to Secretary Schafer’s comments here: [audio:]