Big Oil Spill, Aisle Seven …

In Ethanol, Food Prices, Food vs Fuel by Ken

The Grocery Manufacturers Association has been attacking corn and ethanol lately, and one can wonder why. After all, corn and other farm inputs are only a small part of the retail food dollar. High energy costs have a much greater impact on what we pay at the grocery store checkout.

Why, then, does the GMA work openly hand-in-hand with Big Oil to knock us around?

Visit the GMA Web site here ( and see for yourself. Click on the link that reads Public Policy … then on Energy.

Notice something odd? Look at the address bar on your Web browser. You have (quietly) switched over from to a page on

All the GMA information on energy comes from BIPAC, which is the Business Industry Political Action Committee. And who runs this group?

Well, here’s the board of directors. A lot of executives from companies like Sinclair, Occidental, Exxon Mobil, Diamond Oil.

On the other hand, there’s not much to disagree with regarding the “official” GMA line on biofuels:

GMA supports the goal of reducing reliance on fossil fuels and believes that biofuels can play an important role. GMA supports the development of sustainable and energy efficient fuel alternatives in a market-based environment. We also support policies that ensure that the country can increase biofuels production without impacting the food industry’s ability to continue to provide reliable and affordable food to the nation and other markets.

Except, of course, the way they interpret the last line. U.S. corn growers have been providing reliable and affordable food for generations … before there was a GMA or a BIPAC.