Yo Adrian!

In Ethanol, General by Cindy

Corn ethanol is starting to look a little bloody and battered lately – a bit like Rocky Balboa at the end of the original 1976 movie.

RockyLike Rocky, corn ethanol has always been “a million to one shot” underdog. Like Apollo Creed, the oil industry is cocky and undefeated. The Renewable Fuels Standard is ethanol’s World Heavyweight Championship. The question now is, will Congress stand by the legislation and let ethanol go all 15 rounds, or will it end the match prematurely?

In the movie, Creed initially takes the fight lightly, but Rocky unexpectedly knocks him down in the first round and the match turns intense. Sounds a bit like what is happening here. Big Oil thought Little Ethanol was just a pushover – now they are pulling no punches in trying to knock out the underdog.

Like Rocky, the ethanol industry doesn’t expect to “win” the fight – there is no way that ethanol can replace all the imported foreign oil that we use in this country. But, this little industry is a contender and does want to survive – to help rural communities prosper and to do something to at least reduce our dependence on foreign oil.

Rocky may have ultimately lost the fight in a split decision at the end of the original film, but there were five sequels. In the second, Rocky beats the champ in the end.

Yo, Adrian! Let’s hope it doesn’t take a sequel to do it.