New Blogs on the Block

In Corny News by Ken

kernel.jpgTwo new blogs have debuted that make for an interesting contrast in the fuel-food debate that takes up so much of our time. is a new blog by the Renewable Fuels Association. Some of its writers also write here, on occasion. Their names and contact information are clearly displayed on the website.

Meanwhile, across the tracks, someone created a blog at “,” a lousy address because it is hard to give out in radio interviews. You’d always have to spell out the “b-4.” And its authors are … get this: named “kernel” and four variations of “foodb4fuel.”

No conspiracy here, folks. No stealth campaign.

 Uh huh. We challenge them to reveal themselves.

 Update 6/4:

  • They have removed the contributors list shown on this post.
  • now has an “About Us” page … that fails to list the organizations involved.