King Corn Commentary

In Activism, Corny News by Cindy

“King Corn” wants Corn Commentary to promote it.

No King CornWe got a comment on the blog from the distributors of this “documentary” that blames corn for America’s obesity problem telling us that it is now available on iTunes and wanting us to direct people to it. They call it a “very entertaining documentary with real educational value” that “speaks to disturbing health trends in America.” And they were hoping we might be able to help them “get the word out” on this site and “spread the filmmakers’ message.”

Fat chance.

Here is the filmmakers’ message – that we are going to have a shorter life span than our parents and that corn is to blame, that corn has no nutritive value, that corn is a poison for cattle, that corn is responsible for making Americans obese and the cause of diabetes, and that it is foul to the human palate, in short – that it is “crap.”

Okay, so here is our review of “King Corn.” It should have a shorter life span than a fruit fly, it has no intellectual value, it is poison for the public, it is responsible for filling American minds with mush and is the cause of misguided thinking, it is foul and unfair to the American farmer – in short – it is “crap.”

Don’t waste your money. Buy something more uplifting on iTunes – like “Schindler’s List.”