Secretary Calls Attack on Ethanol Wrong

In Ethanol, Food Prices, government by Cindy

Ed SchaferSpeaking to members of the media after a speech at the Cellulosic Ethanol Summit Wednesday, Secretary of Agriculture Schafer said the group that held a press conference yesterday calling for an end to ethanol subsidies “stood up there with no credibility whatsoever,” when they claimed that it will take 18-24 months for the lower commodity prices to bring food prices back down.

“I just think that they are totally off base,” Schafer said. “They are trying to justify the increased cost and increased profits that they’re making at the expense of another industry and that’s just not appropriate.”

Schafer is especially concerned that the group is working against important public policy for energy independence. “Why would be they be against energy independence?” he asked. “They’re working against economic activity. Why would they be against economic activity?”

“They’re trying to justify their corporate policy in increasing costs to the consumer by blaming it on somebody else – that’s just simply wrong.”

Yes it is.

Listen to my question and Schafer’s answer here: [audio:]