Never Been on a Farm

In Ethanol, Farming, government, Video by Cindy

Mark’s recent post about Washington Elites not knowing about agriculture reminded me of a YouTube video from a Congressional hearing with Margo Oge, head of EPA’s Office of Transportation and Air Quality, about the proposed Renewable Fuels Standard. Thanks to the Renewable Energy Group (REG Fuel), Inc. for sending me the link.

Congressman Lynn Westmoreland (R-GA) questions Ms. Oge about her experience with agriculture and if she understands the impact her rulemaking might have on U.S. farmers. While she has been with EPA for 29 years and in her current position for 15 years, Oge admits she has never been on a farm. “My great-grandfather and grandfather were farmers in Athens, in Greece where I grew up, but I have not spent any time on farms in the United States, if that is your question,” she says. But, she has spent lots of time talking to farmers and ethanol producers who come to meet with her in Washington DC, so that should be good enough – right?