Branded Corn Flakes

In Corny News by Cindy

Kellogg’s is stepping up the fight against fake flakes.

cornThe company’s UK division has announced the development of “a hi-tech method to stamp out imitation cereals – by branding Corn Flakes with the company logo.”

According to a press release, Kellogg’s plans to do a trial run of the branded flakes, presumably in Europe, to test the system.

Bosses will then consider inserting a proportion of branded flakes into each box to guarantee the cereal’s origins and protect against imitation products. If the system is successful it could be used on Kellogg’s other best-loved brands including Frosties, Special K, Crunchy Nut and Bran Flakes.

The laser uses a concentrated beam of light which focuses the energy within the beam, down to a very small spot on the Corn Flake.

Mirror galvanometers are then used to steer the beam creating multiple vectors that reflect the laser from different angles and ultimately make up the image. The energy density within the laser spot diameter is sufficient enough to give the surface of the flake a darker, toasted appearance without changing the taste.

Kellogg’s embarked on the project to reinforce that they don’t make cereals for any other companies and to fire a shot across the bows of makers of ‘fake flakes’.

Apparently, fake flakes are only a big problem in other countries, as the domestic corporate headquarters for Kellogg’s has not announced plans to brand individual flakes, probably because it would make it more expensive.