Use Email to Tell Farmer’s Story

In Activism, Education, Farming, General by Mark

It-came-from-the-farmWe live in a new media age where online sources from videos to blogs can carry as much credibility as traditional news sources. Online communications carry the big benefit of having the potential to reach a targeted community with lightning speed, do so in a cost effective way, and it gives you more control over content.

The National Corn Growers Association is making a conscious effort to embrace this revolution with the most recent example being two new videos exposing two common myths: 1. Family farmers have been replaced by corporate Ag and 2. Sustainable farming practices are the purview of organic farmers exclusively.

 Actually 98% of the nation’s corn is grown by America’s family farmers which are the most productive in the world. These operations are also more sustainable each year, getting bigger crops with fewer resources and less environmental impact. Instead of being proud of these entrepreneurs and the generations of invaluable knowledge they possess, some misguided folks seek to vilify them and make the masses fear their food and the farmers who produce it.

 NCGA is fighting back and you can help. The latest effort is a fun and attention getting email with a Halloween theme and links to the two videos that tell people they shouldn’t be afraid of their food. We have a great story to tell.

If you would like to spread the word send  the link above to your friends, family, neighbors, leaders and decision makers…pretty much anybody since we all eat and have a stake in the future of our food and the people who produce it! The effect of this compounding email could be significant. If you are interested in receiving an email with the poster pictured here and an appropriate message you can forward to your contacts, please send a request to and we’ll send it right to you.