Boycott Martha Stewart

In General by Ken

I always find it strange when consumer product companies use their advertising dollars to support media that attack them. A colleague sent over a complaint about Friday’s episode of The Martha Stewart Show, where she had professional food nag Michael Pollan on as a guest, and they spent a good deal of time complaining about how evil corn was. Did you know that cows are force-fed corn? You can watch the episode online if you wish.

What is disturbing is that when I went to Martha’s eponymous Web site I was confronted with ads for M&Ms. Now, I like M&Ms, especially Peanut M&Ms. But the darn things do have corn starch and corn syrup in them. Martha should be ashamed to be taking dollars from them, and MARS Inc. should be ashamed for paying her to attack one of their most popular products.

And then there are the banner ads for Purina ONE pet foods that we humans force-feed to our dogs and cats. Visit the Web site and you learn these dangerous pet foods contain corn bran. And corn gluten meal. And ground yellow corn. And whole grain corn.

Should we boycott these and the other advertisers until they boycott Martha?