PR Nightmare for Wine Company Supporting HSUS

In Activism by Cindy

The folks at Yellow Tail Wine must have thought they were making a great humane statement when they contributed $100,000 to the radical animal rights group HSUS and agreed to have “special [yellow tail] displays bearing The HSUS name and logo in stores across the country.”

Instead, it has turned into a public relations nightmare for the company, burning up the social media platforms with protests over their support of the group that is threatening animal agriculture production as we know it in this nation. An avalanche of postings on the [yellow tail] Facebook page and Twitter have caused the company to say on Facebook late yesterday “we’re listening. Check back soon, as we’ll be announcing news shortly on our Tails for Tails program.” Not sure what that means, but they are definitely getting an earful from unhappy consumers. They may not be able to get their $100,000 donation returned to them, but this is a real great example of how agriculture can be heard through social media.

To make a comment to [yellow tail] on Facebook, you have to first become a fan – then you can un-fan them. I am going to wait and see what they do first before taking the un-fan action. If they reconsider and take some positive action to regain the support of agriculture fans, I may just buy a whole case of their best to celebrate!

*Post Update* Go ahead and un-fan after you have made your views known. [yellow tail] didn’t quite get the point. Here is what the company announced: “Okay, there’s been good feedback here recently. Here’s an update on where our donation will be directed to celebrate animals: We’ve decided to use all of our $100K gift to aid animal rescue.” Right. That’s like telling the federal government where you want your tax dollars spent.

The awareness campaign is now going to the local level, since there will be special promotions through the end of March featuring [yellow tail] and HSUS. Time to let your local wine retailer know what HSUS is and why you won’t support anyone who supports them.