“Kill Bill” Trans Am Promotes Ethanol

In Activism, Ethanol by Cindy

Environmentalist and actress Daryl Hannah took her ethanol-powered “Kill Bill” 1979 Pontiac Trans Am on the road in California this week to promote the advantages of higher ethanol blends.

The Trans Am was given to Daryl by director Quentin Tarantino after she drove it as a one-eyed assassin in the movie “Kill Bill.” But since the car ran on gasoline, she just let it sit in her garage until last year when ethanol advocate David Blume, author of “Alcohol Can Be a Gas”, came up with the idea to have it modified to run on at least up to 85 percent ethanol, although they claim it can run on 100 percent like the Indy cars. The car was converted to run on ethanol last fall to refute EPA’s concerns about higher blends not being appropriate for older vehicles.

Hannah and Blume were in Santa Cruz on Tuesday to do a local Community TV live call-in show called “Eco-Review” and then traveled to Sacramento for an appearance at Flyer’s fuel station. They presented data from emissions test results on the car conducted at a California certified smog station that compared exhaust emissions of the vehicle using unleaded gas with E-10, E-15, and E-85 fuel blends. The testing found significant reductions of carbon monoxide, hydro carbons and nitrous oxide as the ethanol blends increased.

Daryl has been a backer of biodiesel for many years and also owns a vintage El Camino that runs on biodiesel – or “loves to drink vegetable oil,” as she would say. She is a big promoter of sustainability, has been a vegetarian since she was a child, and is pretty much the walking definition of an environmental wacko – so the fact that she is out in California promoting ethanol is a good thing. Maybe they will listen to her!

Thanks to Paul Wikoff of Sacramento for the great photos.