Straight Talk Straight from the Farm

In Activism, Farming, mediawatch, New Media by Cathryn

People don’t trust traditional media the way that they did a decade ago.  Studies have reported time and time again that today people want to speak directly with the source.  CommonGround, a joint program between the National Corn Growers Association and the United Soybean Board, gives them just that opportunity.

By empowering farm women to tell their own stories of agriculture, CommonGround helps the connect the people who grow food with urban and suburban consumers interested in knowing more about what they feed their families.  Fostering open, honest communication, CommonGround shines a spotlight on the stories behind food production in America.

But why listen to a blog about it?  Farm broadcaster Pam Fretwell recently released a series of interviews with farmer, agvocate and CommonGround spokeswoman Dawn Caldwell.  Listen to Dawn talk about farming, her views on agriculture and her experience with this exciting program.