Want Naturally Sweet Eats?

In Food, HFCS by Cathryn

Corrections to hyped-up misperceptions can crop up in unlikely places.  Many people might assume that they already know what a magazine called The Natural Food Insider would publish regarding high fructose corn syrup.  Reading a recent article detailing nutritionist and weight-loss expert Joy Bauer’s advice to an industry-wide convention, it became evident that both Bauer and the publication want the world to understand what corn farmers and scientists already know:  high fructose corn syrup is metabolically the same as sugar that, like all sweeteners, is fine to eat in moderation.

Bauer, a widely-respected expert who has been featured on The Today Show, addressed the suppliers’ conference in Vegas speaking authoritatively on the steps that food producers should take to increase the overall health of their products.  Those who may have considered jumping on the anti-HFCS bandwagon received quite a shock when Bauer noted that, not only is HFCS the same as sugar, but that she feels okay with marketers changing the name on the ingredient label to corn sugar.  She went on to explain that her acceptance of the name change is based in the fact that HFCS is actually not higher in fructose than sugar.

Dashing food marketers’ hopes that simply labeling a product “HFCS free” should connote a better selection for weight or health conscious consumers, Bauer explained that the type of sugar consumed does not matter. Instead, consumers should look at how much sugar a product contains.

Saturday Night Live may mock the information explained through the “Sweet Surprise” educational campaign, but natural food industry publications validate the accuracy of its message.  Sugar is sugar whether corn, cane or beet.  So enjoy it! Just watch how much you eat.