What Do We Want? A Farm Bill. When Do We Want It? Now!

In Activism, Farm Bill by Cathryn

In Nashville, Tennessee last week, Commodity Classic 2012 attendees heard one message loud and clear, “we need a farm bill, and we need it now.”  Echoed repeatedly in the corridors, meeting rooms and public gatherings, featured speakers, grower leaders and association staff all reiterated the imperative nature of passing new farm bill legislation before the calendar year expires.

In his address to the General Session, U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack spent the vast majority of his address explaining not only what this legislation should encompass, including a safety net in the form of improved crop insurance offerings and investments in research and infrastructure, but also that it absolutely must be passed within the next nine months.

“Saying budgets are tight and complaining about how hard it is to pass a farm bill won’t make it any easier next year,” he explained. “Today’s legislators need to quit pointing the finger of blame and the difficulty of our economic times and get things done.”

The Secretary’s proclamation resonated with National Corn Growers Association leadership and staff with President Garry Niemeyer driving the message home to Corn Congress attendees during Saturday’s session.

Farmers and the Americans dependent upon agriculture for food, feed and fuel must speak up now.  A remarkable demonstration of grassroots support is direly needed to spur legislators to action.

Take just a few moments and add your voice to the cry.  Click here to send an email telling your elected officials in Washington that Americans support agriculture and demand action on the farm bill in 2012.  Speaking together, we create the megaphone needed to wake up our Congress and secure the future of one of the most vital sectors of our economy.