Destroying Basic Principles of American Society, One Occupation at a Time

In Activism, Current News, Food, General, Media, Politics by Cathryn

Property rights sign vandalized by occupy protesters.In coverage of the recent “occupation” of agricultural research land at the University of California- Berkley, one essential point was striking in its absence.  While a public university, the land these so-called activists forcibly took over is, in fact, private property.  Their actions in doing so showed complete disregard for the principles upon which our nation was founded, for the well-being of the institution’s students and for the rapidly growing world population whose food security depends upon the products of agricultural research.

Clinging to worn-out rhetoric shrouded in a mindless, trendy façade, these protesters stand against a fundamental principle upon which the nation is based.  The ownership of private property has been held as a fundamental value of American society since the revolution.  The nation’s forefathers enshrined it in the Constitution, and, in doing so, created a country to which many have fled in order to gain this protection.  Placing their judgment above that of the university governing board, state government and of the people which those legislators represent, this fringe group forcibly chose to repurpose land to suit its own agenda.

What did the people who support this university lose?

They lost a valuable asset that provided the university with an outdoor laboratory.  Agricultural research often culminates in necessary field trials that allow scientists to test how new varieties or products will react in circumstances similar to those in which they may ultimately grow.  This land was not a common area without a stated purpose.  These protestors stole a valuable resource.

They lost the valuable time.  Right now, the future food security of the world depends upon agricultural research.   In next 40 years, farmers will need to produce more food than was produced in the last 10,000 years combined to ensure the food supply keeps up with population growth.  In light of this challenge, taking fields used for research into the products which will make this possible is tantamount to taking food from the mouths of those who will need it within our lifetime.

Actions have real consequences.  The “Occupy the Farm” movement has shown how disregard for the basic ground rules governing our society, no matter how supposedly well-intentioned, results in real harm.  Their lack of foresight and careful scrutiny of the possibly consequences of their actions shows the irresponsibility inherent in policies they espouse.