American Auto Innovators Embrace American Ethanol

In American Ethanol, Biofuels, Ethanol by Cathryn

In the ongoing slander campaign aimed at ethanol, the biofuel’s belligerent detractors have one less credible claim as U.S. auto manufacturers Ford and General Motors, Inc. will accept use of E15 in newer vehicles. Negating the claim that higher ethanol blends would void manufacturer warranties, this important decision shows that American car makers believe in the American made fuel.

The move toward accepting higher ethanol blends goes beyond assuaging any warranty concerns for owners of new Ford or GM vehicles though. By accepting E15, these industry-leaders set a precedent. Now, instead of simply claiming anti-ethanol policies follow industry standards, other auto manufacturers must explain their reluctance.

Whether the corporate culture fosters an adversity toward change or their board views ethanol as a reliable scapegoat, the refusal to accept E15 puts a car maker behind the curve. Notably, with E15 fueling NASCAR Toyotas to victory every week, it is time for the ethanol-eschewing suits dictating the company’s policies to catch up to the American innovators leading this pack.

Whether E15 fuels high performance races at NASCAR or trips to market in the family SUV, it helping more Americans reach their destinations daily in a more environmentally-friendly, affordable way. American farmers, car manufacturers and consumers stand together, and they stand firmly behind E15. More than ever, ethanol fuels our economy, our communities and our future.

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