Wish the Candidates Would Put It in Writing?

In Politics by Cathryn

With only days remaining before the election, the vast majority of Americans have already decided which candidate they will back when they cast their ballot. President Obama, Mitt Romney and both men’s proxies are running at a feverish pace back and forth between a hand full of “key” states trying everything short of giving away free puppies in an effort to woo the rare undecided voters.

Although it hardly competes with the precision-crafted media events that candidates call rallies, the National Corn Growers Association offers farmers something that seems to be in short supply this year. It offers concrete answers, in writing, on where the candidates stand on the issues that matter most in rural America.

Take a moment this weekend to take advantage of this incredible resource. Even decided voters should know exactly where future leaders stand on the unique issues that will impact their lives in a direct manner.

NCGA, non-partisan in its very nature, understands the grassroots power its members can wield. In providing this information, it hopes to help farmers take that power to the polls.

To access the candidate responses in their entirety, click here.