Vilsack Happy to Stay on as Ag Secretary

In Audio, USDA by Cindy

Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack is happy to be keeping his “great job” and continuing to fight for the future of American agriculture.

afbf-13-vilsack“I am extraordinarily privileged and honored to have the job as the United States Secretary of Agriculture and to have another opportunity to continue this work,” Vilsack told the American Farm Bureau Federation annual meeting this week in Nashville. “I don’t know that there’s not a more important place, a more significant place in the future of this country than rural America.”

Vilsack told Farm Bureau members that he was glad to see 2012 come to an end and expressed his optimism that 2013 will be better for agriculture. “We are committed … to making sure that 2013 is not a repeat of 2012. We need a five-year bill and we need it now,” he said, going on to outline that the bill needs to include a number of important items, including an adequate safety net, commitment to trade and support for research and renewable energy.

“It is rural America that if you think about it is providing the feed stock for most of the energy and most of the fuel that’s consumed and used in homes and businesses across this great land. It is rural America that’s responsible for millions of jobs,” he said. “The question, given all of that contribution and more from rural America, why is it so difficult for us to get a five-year bill through the Congress? What has happened?”

Admitting that rural America has less clout in Washington than in the past, Vilsack said it’s “going to be important and necessary for us to have conversation about how we rebuild that political capacity, and I believe we can.”

Read a transcript of Vilsack’s AFBF speech or listen to it here: Sec. Vilsack Speech