Energy Independence Secures National Independence

In Biofuels, Ethanol by Cathryn

flag fireworksAcross the United States this weekend, men and women will be picking up hot dogs and fireworks. They will be getting the grill ready and calling friends to finalize plans for the Fourth of July. While preparing for the Independence Day holiday, take a moment to think about what really enables our nation to remain free.

Our continued freedom has many aspects. One important one, one that each American can impact, is ensuring our nation’s energy security. Again, many factors contribute to energy security, but decreasing our reliance on foreign oil certainly plays a key role.

Getting ready for Independence Day, take just one moment to think about ethanol. Foreign oil made up 60 percent of U.S. liquid fuel in 2005, before the Renewable Fuel Standard went into place. By 2011, it fell to 41 percent.  That major decrease in imported oil represented a major increase in energy independence.

All of this happened as the U.S. increased its use of ethanol, a domestic, renewable biofuel. In growing our energy independence, corn farmers and the ethanol industry also grew our nation’s rural economies. In doing so, they strengthened our country as a whole.

As you set off fireworks this July fourth – which are also made using corn by the way – take a moment to celebrate the many ways in which we keep our nation independent. Support the nation’s farmers and ethanol producers who play a role in doing so.