Farming is Big in Any Language

In Farming, International by Cindy

basf-farming“Farming, the Biggest Job on Earth” is the tag line of a European campaign for agriculture by BASF Corporation which is hitting the United States now on Facebook. It’s also very true.

I had the pleasure this past week of being able to attend BASF’s global press conference with nearly 100 other agricultural journalists from ten countries, right after being in Argentina with over 150 from 30 countries. Coming up is the World Food Prize and Global Farmers Roundtable, which brings together representatives from all parts of the agriculture industry. The languages are different, the politics are often at odds, but the goal of feeding people sustainably is the same in every country.

Farming is such a big job that it requires lots of help – from new hybrids and crop protection products to precision technology and bigger equipment for planting and harvesting. Researchers, engineers, extension agents, and even the ag media are all part of this big job called farming.

Farming is the oldest profession, a noble endeavor and hard work. Any way you look at it, it’s a big job and arguably the biggest job on Earth.