Ethanol Fashion Statement

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Ethanol is making a fashion statement with these jeans, available from Sam’s Club, according to a post on Domestic Fuel. These “blue jeans gone green” are allegedly “made from cotton grown with less pesticides and sold in recycled packaging.” The jeans are branded “ethanol” with “e” buttons sporting and an ethanol patch on the back. But possibly the best feature …

All Things Corn

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The National Corn Growers Association has introduced “The CORNer Store” – a one-stop shop for all things corn. The store is a virtual cornucopia of corny gifts, apparel and promotional items – from bibs and buttons to bears and beer steins. All kinds of fun stuff with various national and state corn grower group logos. One of my favorite items …

Popcorn with a Kick

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With all the many flavors of gourmet popcorn out there, apparently no one perfected the pairing of two perennial party favorites until now. A Kansas City college student named Cary Silverman has invented beer-flavored popcorn, according to a KMBC-TV story. Pub Corn also comes in other alcohol flavors – like pina colada – but actually has no alcoholic content. After …

Corn in Space

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I really don’t know why anyone would even ask this question, but Popular Science answered it: If You Dropped a Corn Kernel From Space, Would it Pop During Re-Entry? The answer – if you care – is “it depends.” It’s all pretty technical – kind of rocket science, if you will – but here is the basic answer: There’s a …

Corn Prices and Ethanol Making Top Ten News Lists

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With the end of the year at hand the obligatory lists of the top news stories of the year are starting to pop up and a weird year for corn and ethanol is making many of them, at least in the Midwest. The Des Moines Register places ethanol problems at number three on the list and the effect of rising …

Have Yourself a Corny Little Christmas

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Have yourself a corny little Christmas, May your price be right From now on, Gas prices won’t be out of sight Have yourself a corny little Christmas, That’s what we can say, From now on, The weather will be good, we pray. Remember back in the olden years Fruitful golden ears of corn. All our friends get John Deere for …

Just for Fun

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The news these days is pretty scary – so just for fun, enjoy this video of some terrified corn cobs! ShareEmailPrint

Google News Alerts For Corn

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I’m making a guess that most of you use Google. How many of you know about Google News Alerts? If you don’t then you might consider setting up a personal Google News Alert for the key word, Corn. As of the writing of this post there are 28,296 results for the word “corn” in a Google News Search. You don’t …

True Grits

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Now here is a unique “new use” for corn – jewelry made from grits. Yep – you read that right. The “Grit Lady” – aka Carol Kautz of Lilburn, Georgia – makes the corn based Southern breakfast food into all kinds of wearable fashion items. Some of her creations include the pictured heart-shaped flag, grapes, peanuts, snowmen, Easter eggs, crosses, …

More Popcorn Poppycock

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Coincidentally coming at the kickoff of the big summer movie season, the theater industry has decided to raise prices for BOTH popcorn and tickets and blame it on ethanol. If you remember last year, the Iowa Corn Promotion Board popped the myth that ethanol caused higher popcorn prices by dramatically demonstrating just how much popcorn you can get for five …