Sustainability More Than Just Buzz Word

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Everyone talks about sustainability, a new report now provides a way to measure it. The report released today by the Keystone Alliance, a diverse alliance of companies and organizations, has devised a definition of economic and environmental sustainability focusing on “meeting the needs of the present while improving the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.” The Environmental …

Improving the Health of Old Man River

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Agricultural and environmental interests are teaming up for the sake of Old Man River. Monsanto Company launched a new effort this week to help reduce nutrients and sediments in agricultural runoff by partnering with The Nature Conservancy, Iowa Soybean Association, Delta Wildlife and The National Audubon Society on conservation projects in the Mississippi River Basin. The partnership aims to offer …

Defining Sustainability

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One of the buzz words for agriculture in 2008 has been sustainability and that was one topic being discussed by National Corn Growers Association officials at the National Association of Farm Broadcasting annual meeting last week. CEO Rick Tolman says NCGA is part of a group called the “Field to Market” Keystone initiative to look at sustainable agriculture. “Basically what …

Land Use Impact Claims Expertly Challenged

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The Renewable Fuels Association today provided a significant amount of firepower to those who think we need to proceed with great caution when trying to track indirect land use impacts caused by U.S. ethanol production. In its new research paper, the organization made several things clear: Growth in ethanol production has not significantly driven land use changes Increased production reduces …

Microsoft Using Corn Cups

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One of the latest companies to make use of a corn product to be more “green” is Microsoft. They’re using cups made from corn on their Fargo, ND campus and according to the video version of the story it looks like the cups are actually green. The story is posted on WDAY, Fargo, ND. These utensils just melt away in …

Oil and Water

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A Renewable Fuels Now article calls it the “Franken-Stat.” “It’s the monster stat that will never die: 1,700 gallons of water to produce a gallon of ethanol.” Unfortunately, it gets quoted as fact by the media, even though it is not true. It actually takes less than four gallons of water to produce a gallon of ethanol. The twisted “fact” …

UN Exec: Biofuels Part of Solution

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From Reuters: EU Urges Action on Climate Change The head of the U.N.’s climate agency (UNFCCC) rejected the idea that carbon-cutting biofuels should be banned, after helping drive up food prices by using crops such as corn to make an ethanol alternative to gasoline. “I think biofuels are a very important part of the solution,” de Boer said. ShareEmailPrint

Green and Getting Greener

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Since it is Earth Day, it’s appropriate to point out that, despite the criticism – ethanol is green and getting greener. According to an analysis conducted by the Argonne National Laboratory and released Monday by the Renewable Fuels Association, America’s ethanol industry has made dramatic efficiency gains in ethanol production over the last five years. American ethanol facilities are using …

Fill up With Ethanol for Earth Day

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Want to do something really green for Earth Day? Fill up with ethanol-enriched fuel. According to calculations done by life sciences researcher Nathan Danielson, president of BioCognito, if every car in America would use a ten percent blend of ethanol for one week, the amount of greenhouse gases produced in the U.S. would be reduced by nearly 1.3 billion pounds. …

25x’25 Response to “Science” Reports

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Media coverage of a recent article in the journal “Science” on studies that address the possible consequences of a faulty approach to utilizing lands to produce biofuel feedstocks only reported part of the story, according to the 25x’25 Alliance. “Unfortunately, mainstream media coverage of the studies failed to report that they also identified ways to avoid these problems and insure …