Illinois Farmers on Food Prices

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Something fun and informative on the Internet: Why are food prices on the increase?  Illinois Farm Bureau has created a new website to provide consumers with the proper answers. discusses and explains the five major reasons food prices are on the rise. The bureau also offers a blog on ethanol here. ShareEmailPrint

South Dakota Launches Blender Pump Program

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On Thursday, the South Dakota Corn Utilization Council (SDCUC) and the Ethanol Promotion and Information Council (EPIC) launched a blender pump program aimed at helping gas station retailers in the state obtain funding and the equipment needed to sell blends of ethanol ranging from 20 to 40 percent to be used in flex fuel vehicles. EPIC Director of Operations Robert …

Missouri Motorists Save With Ethanol

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The Missouri Corn Merchandising Council held a press conference at the state capitol on Monday to announce the results of a new study showing that Missouri motorists are saving money at the pump thanks to ethanol. The “Impact of Ethanol on Retail Gasoline Prices in Missouri,” study, performed by John Urbanchuk, found that drivers in Missouri are expected to save …

Iowa Corn Sets Record Straight

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Radio Iowa did a story today on corn and food prices allowing the Iowa Corn Promotion Board to tell the real story. Julius Schaaf, chair of the Iowa Corn Promotion Board (ICPB) says those who say corn prices at “record” highs should get the facts straight. Schaaf says when you look at the price of corn in past years, there …

Oil Companies Impact Food Prices

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While the oil industry has been quick to blame corn ethanol and grain prices for high food costs, they fail to recognize the profits of their own companies are the bigger culprit of high food costs, according to the Nebraska Corn Board. “Farmers have been taking it on the chin while oil companies are raking in record profits,” said Don …

Iowa Corn Welcomes Helio

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Celebrity dancing racer Helio Castroneves and former NASCAR champion Rusty Wallace visited with Iowa corn growers and members of the media on Wednesday to promote the Iowa Corn Indy 250 on June 22 at the Iowa Speedway in Newton. There was no dancing, but Helio did sing the praises of ethanol. “It’s great,” he says. “The IndyCar Series is the …

Missouri Corn Hits the Big 3-0

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The Missouri Corn Growers Association is celebrating 30 years of success, and this past year was one of the most successful ever for the organization. MCGA president Mike Geske, a producer from Matthews, outlined the many successes they were able to celebrate, from full funding of the state’s Ethanol Incentive Fund, to passage of WRDA on the national level, to …

Show Me Economic Growth

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Missouri corn growers are reminding residents – and lawmakers – in the capital city of Jefferson that ethanol is helping the state’s economy. According to a University of Missouri economic impact study, ethanol production in Missouri is expected to reach 350 million gallons annually by the end of 2008. This growth would create 5,613 jobs, generate $63 million in tax …

Corn Groups Say Farm Bill Falls Short

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Six state corn grower organizations have issued a joint-statement saying that “a farm bill without an optional “revenue-based” safety net is little better than no bill at all.” The state corn association of Illinois, Iowa, Indiana, Ohio, Maryland and Virginia say that the key elements of a revenue-based system include being based on market prices, being exclusive of other programs, …

Biofuels Awareness in Indiana

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The Indiana Corn Growers Association is helping to promote biofuels awareness in their state in a number of ways. One is a billboard and radio campaign in major Indiana cities aimed at informing consumers that all automakers approve the use of 10 percent ethanol-enriched fuel. “Consumer feed back is showing that consumers still don’t believe ethanol is good for their …