A Proper Food vs. Fuel Perspective

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Here’s another installment of our Corn Commentary videos that were recorded at the recent National Association of Farm Broadcasting Convention. In this one I interview NCGA CEO Rick Tolman and University of Missouri ag economist Dr. Ron Plain. They point out that our corn growers have produced to meet demand for both needs of our corn. It’s also interesting to …

Getting Thanks From James Garner

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While we’re still in a thanksgiving spirit it’s good to know that there are a lot of people who think America’s corn growers are doing a good job. They’re willing to speak out and say so too. For example, take James Garner: “Many Americans don’t realize that we enjoy the safest, most affordable food supply in the world, thanks to …

Compare Fertilizer Use Correctly

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A subject that is very misunderstood when it comes to growing corn is fertilizer. Here’s another installment of our Corn Commentary video series that was produced at the recent National Association of Farm Broadcasting convention. In it NCGA CEO Rick Tolman helps you better understand what’s going on in corn production as it relates to fertilizer. For example, Rick says …

Corn Water Truths

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At the National Association of Farm Broadcasting convention NCGA’s Rick Tolman took time to dispell some myths about the use of water by the corn industry. He’s got some great facts and figures to explain why the numbers being bantered about as doomsday speak are really meaningless when put in perspective with the information those same people don’t say or …

Farm Bill Update

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At last week’s National Association of Farm Broadcasting convention, NCGA President Ron Litterer did a number of interviews including one with me about the farm bill. In the picture Ron’s being interviewed by one of the many farm broadcasters that came by the NCGA booth. I asked Ron where things stand from a corn grower perspective. It was really dark …

Corn Guy Battles Taco Lady

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The next episode of Corn Guy TV is now available. See all the action as Corn Guy goes mano-a-mano with Taco Lady. You’ll get a really good chuckle out of this video. Especially when Corn Guy has to “make some ethanol” in a plastic cup. It’s funny and educational. ShareEmailPrint