Corn Commentary

Corn is Better for Baby Bottoms

What could be better for baby - or Mother Earth - than kinder and gentler diapers made from corn?

Corn-based diapers have apparently been around for a couple of years now, first made by a Swedish company called Nature Baby Care, but they are getting a bit more buzz lately. If you search around on the web, you will find a number of different brands of eco-friendly diapers and other websites specializing in places to find them - like Better Baby Bums, for example. You gotta love that name!

According to BBB, the Nature Baby Care diapers were “the first ECO-friendly high-performance diaper, based on new green technology, protected by a Swedish patent. The diaper is soft, thin, comfortable and with perfect sizing. It’s performance is as good as the best ”traditional” diapers. It has an exclusive 100 % chlorine free absorbent material and the material against the baby’s skin is based on corn instead of plastic like traditional diapers, 100% compostable, breathable and extremely kind for the baby. The packaging is 100 % compostable and based on corn.”

Then there are companies like Earth Baby, based (where else?) in California, which offers “compostable diaper service” utilizing corn-based diapers. They claim they have composted over 9,600 pounds of diapers to date - turning them into nutrient-rich top soil in as little as 14 weeks.

It gives new parents another alternative to cloth or traditional disposable diapers - and corn farmers a new use for their product!