Radio Campaign Targets KC

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Missouri and Kansas may be rivals on the football field but they are on the same team when it comes to the “food versus fuel” issue. The Missouri Corn Merchandising Council teamed up with the Kansas Corn Commission and the Renewable Fuels Now Coalition for a targeted radio campaign in the Kansas City region. The 30-second spots have been airing …

Iowa Corn Growers Help With Flood Relief Efforts

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Iowa corn growers are helping communities in the state recover from flooding. The Iowa Corn Growers Association and Iowa Corn Promotion Board have donated $2,500 worth of ethanol gift certificates to the Red Cross to help with the transportation costs associated with flood relief efforts. “Thousands of Iowa growers and their communities have been hit by these floods,” said Tim …

Iowa Corn Educates Media

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At the Iowa Speedway yesterday, the Iowa Corn Growers Association held an outdoor press conference. They used it to help educate media about corn usage by placing banners on the side of a grain trailer showing the relative percentages of corn used for different purposes like livestock feed and ethanol. I did a short interview with Gary Edwards, ICGA board …

Blunt Stands Firm

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Missouri Governor Matt Blunt has denied a request by Kansas City for a waiver of the state’s ten percent ethanol renewable fuels standard. “We have reviewed the request for a waiver of the E-10 standard in the Kansas City area,” Gov. Blunt said. “After thorough consideration of all aspects of this waiver request, I have decided it is in the …

More Popcorn Poppycock

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Coincidentally coming at the kickoff of the big summer movie season, the theater industry has decided to raise prices for BOTH popcorn and tickets and blame it on ethanol. If you remember last year, the Iowa Corn Promotion Board popped the myth that ethanol caused higher popcorn prices by dramatically demonstrating just how much popcorn you can get for five …

Top Ten Reasons Not to Use Ethanol

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Mark Lambert with the Illinois Corn Growers must be auditioning to be a writer for David Letterman – he came up with the following “Top Ten Reasons I Don’t Use Ethanol.” 10. Saudi Arabian riyals are much prettier than American dollars 9. Baby seals look good in a fresh coat of crude oil 8. Terrorists over seas will hate us …

Indiana Corn Goes Mobile

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In conjunction with pre-Indy 500 events this week, the Indiana Corn Marketing Council debuted its new interactive mobile marketing unit complete with videos detailing the production of ethanol and a database of local fuel retailers that offer E10 and E85 fuel blends. Domestic Fuel’s Laura McNamara talked with Indiana Corn’s Mark Walters and ICMC president Mike Shuter, a Frankton, IN …

Indiana Corn and Ethanol Education

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The Indiana Corn Marketing Council has been gearing up for Sunday’s Indy 500 with various ethanol promotions, including special discount fuel events at local fuel stations and a drawing to win a pace car Corvette. “But the real focus of this campaign is to educate the consumer about ethanol,” according to Mark Walters with the council. “What we are finding …

Food vs Fuel a “Global Myth”

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An op-ed in the Chicago Tribune this week that calls the food versus fuel fight “a global myth.” “It seems so obvious: With so much corn being turned into fuel, food shortages must inevitably result, and biofuel programs must be the cause. However, that’s completely untrue.” The increased demand for food from the hundreds of millions of people in China …

Illinois Farmers on Food Prices

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Something fun and informative on the Internet: Why are food prices on the increase?  Illinois Farm Bureau has created a new website to provide consumers with the proper answers. discusses and explains the five major reasons food prices are on the rise. The bureau also offers a blog on ethanol here. ShareEmailPrint