Corn Commentary

Corn Mission Accomplished

The U.S. Grains Council Corn Mission team to Morocco, Egypt and Jordan has concluded and the group is back safe and sound on American soil.

Chuck Zimmerman reports on some final thoughts from the mission:

A consistent theme was the growth potential in these markets. That’s why the USGC has people on the ground working to develop new business opportunities for American farmers. After our team’s final dinner I spoke with them as a group to get their final thoughts on what they’d like farmers back home to know about their experience. We just went around the table starting with the corn grower members. Here are some of their final thoughts:

  • The main thing is the relationship the USGC staff has with people in all these countries. They appreciate what the USGC does.
  • I got to see what the USGC does on a personal level. These ddgs programs are working well. I hope they’ll buy more.
  • I sure learned a lot about the legwork that goes on on the ground here for these guys. There’s still some work to be done.
  • We spent our time well and did something that will benefit everyone back home. The USGC work has been an important part of keeping our exports going.
  • I think the potential for increased sales is there. The network is in place and working well.
  • Demand looks strong and will continue for a long time to come.

Shannon Schaffer, the USGC staff representative on our trip added these thoughts:

  • These guys worked really hard on this trip. Lots of time spent on the road and with the customers we service. They served as ambassadors for the USGC and corn growers specifically.

You can listen to Chuck’s final interview with the Corn Mission Team below:

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