Welcome to Corn Commentary, the award-winning blog of the National Corn Growers Association. We created this blog to provide a lighter, more personalized look at corn, agriculture and the events of the day that affect the nation’s corn farmers. Sometimes we’ll update you on the latest news, sometimes we’ll step back for some quiet reflection, and on some days we’ll just have a little fun. But it will always be seasoned with the knowledge and perspective you’ve come to expect from your friends at NCGA.

Contributors are …

Ken Colombini, NCGA communications director; Mark Lambert, NCGA senior communications manager; and Cathryn Wojcicki, Susan Powers and Janice Tolley Walters, NCGA communications managers.

On occasion, you will hear from Chuck and Cindy Zimmerman, award-winning ag communications specialists at ZimmComm New Media, and other special guest bloggers from the Corn Belt and beyond.

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