Year of Corn

In Ethanol, General by Cindy

The theme of the 2007 Indiana State Fair is “The Year of Corn” and the Indianapolis Star agrees, according to today’s editorial.

“More than a grain of truth carried in corn bandwagon” is the headline and it reads in part:

Visitors to the Indiana State Fair are getting no end of visual, audible, tactile and gustatory reminders of the importance of corn to the Hoosier economy and culture….

From the White House to the Indiana Statehouse, the message has been heard — and is being relayed — that corn-based ethanol can make a significant contribution to America’s motor-fuel supply and, as part of an array of alternatives, lessen the dependency on foreign oil that leaves the nation vulnerable to the whims of cartels and terror-sponsoring governments…..

…..the future looks a lot like the Fairgrounds — golden from fencerow to fencerow. Government and business need to move decisively yet carefully to realize the promise, and disappoint the barons of black gold.