Corn Commentary

Ethanol Fashion Statement

Ethanol is making a fashion statement with these jeans, available from Sam’s Club, according to a post on Domestic Fuel.

These “blue jeans gone green” are allegedly “made from cotton grown with less pesticides and sold in recycled packaging.” The jeans are branded “ethanol” with “e” buttons sporting and an ethanol patch on the back. But possibly the best feature is the bag of corn that comes with each pair, according to post author Joanna Schroeder.

I have to admit that when Joanna told me about these jeans at Commodity Classic, I didn’t believe they existed because I really could not find much about them on line, and in my world - if it’s not on-line, it doesn’t exist. But Joanna went out and found an actual pair at Sam’s Club and bought them to do a post on Domestic Fuel.

She says there is a label on the jeans which promotes and says, “A portion of proceeds from the sale of the jeans goes to campaigns to help support environmental programs,” but she has been unable to find out any information on the site about the clothing line or the programs that are supported through the purchase of the jeans.

Still, they are apparently for sale at a couple of sites on-line (try here and here) and at Sam’s Club - at least the one in Omaha.

Post update: Added the photo of the corn packet attached to the jeans. Photo credit goes to Robyn Slunecka (the wife of Tom Slunecka, former NCGA staffer and EPIC executive director who currently works for Phibro) who actually bought the jeans and served as Joanna’s photographer.