Happy Corndog day

In Corny News, General by Cathryn

Every dog truly has their day, even corndogs. This year, those inflicted with March Madness will be adding America’s favorite treat on a stick to their March 18th menus for National Corndog Day.

The first National Corndog Day took place in 1992 in a Corvallis, Oregon basement on the first Saturday of the NCAA Men’s Division I Basketball Championship. College basketball fans Brady Sahnow and Henry Otley had been binging on basketball games for two days eating nothing but soda and potato chips, when Stan Sahnow (Brady’s father) went in search of something more substantial to feed them. Thankfully, Stan’s fears of the two boys dashing to the store for yet another round of soda and chips subsided when he found a box of 24 corndogs in the freezer. Stan knew these hot, crispy dogs wrapped in cornmeal on a stick would ensure Brady and Henry maintain the stamina needed for two ravenous young men to watch that day’s quadruple header from start to finish.

For those who prefer their corndogs homemade (and who doesn’t), try this tried and true recipe.

Corn and hotdogs – American goodness on a stick.