Corny Kicks

In Corny News, New Products, New Uses, Sustainability by Cathryn

Some of the most reputable brands in the United States have realized the renewable, sustainable wonder that is corn. Now, Reebok is trying to harness the green-power of the crop to increase the biodegradability of its product too.

This week, sources, including the New York Post, announced that Reebok will begin making sneaker soles from corn as a part of the brand’s Corn + Cotton initiative. While the cotton used will be sourced to ensure that it is grown organically, it is believed at this time that the corn used will be grown using normal production practices.

If reports are true, even more manufacturers of the country’s favorite comfy shoes plan to move in this direction as well, with Nike and Adidas planning similar programs to create sustainable, recyclable kicks.

It may be only one step in the right direction, but it will be in shoes that both respect the plant and the families who farm it. Renewable shoe soles- just another great example of the versatility of corn! To explore the World of Corn further, click here.