Corn Commentary

Using DDGs To Enhance Plastics

Chad UlvenWhen it comes to creating new uses for corn, Chad Ulven, North Dakota State University, is one of the researchers leading the way. During the Corn Utilization and Technology Conference he did a presentation titled, “Development of DDGs as Reinforcement in Polymers.” So what does that mean? To find out I interviewed him.

He’s looking at a variety of different agricultural by-products like DDGs to make them into plastics. He calls them bio-composites. Although there would be many types of products these could be used for he’s most interested in using them for farm implements like tractor shrouds or sprayer booms. He says the fibers he creates can add additional stiffness for example. He’s got a foundation of research completed after 5 years but now he’s trying to bring some of his creations to market. To do that he’s talking with several companies.

You can download (mp3) and listen to my interview with Chad here: