Corn Commentary

Ethanol to Keep Me Warm Inside and Out

A long-time Volvo devotee, I eagerly anticipated the release of the new electric edition of my beloved Volvo C30.  Now, I am more excited than ever as it was announced this cutting-edge model will use ethanol to heat the passenger compartment.  Dreams of being warm, utilizing one of our nation’s greatest renewable resources and sticking it to big oil are dancing in my head.

Aside from the fact that my driving abilities necessitate a safety-oriented automobile, I love my car for its heating abilities.  Manufacturers from climates more bitter than St. Louis this late March understand the need to keep passengers toasty and, as someone who wears a coat well into a seasonable June, my shaking limbs are grateful.

Until now, many alternative fuel vehicles haven’t focused as carefully on the delicate disposition of their desired drivers.  But when testing a car’s true drivability in Northern Sweden, the importance of reliable, continuous cabin heat becomes vastly apparent.  So like so many auto manufacturers looking for a fuel source that would provide an affordable, effective, sustainable alternative fuel source, Volvo found ethanol.

When my next Volvo arrives to provide me with welcome relief from the thuggish prices big oil extorts on a weekly basis, I can rest assured knowing that I will be able to snuggly tuck myself into a warm car for the trek to work every cold winter morning.  Knowing that the heat comes from American family farms makes me feel a little warmer inside too.