Corn Commentary

Cars 2 Gives Grown-Ups Something to Honk About

If you have children, you will probably be hearing about Pixar’s Cars 2 this summer.  The sequel is highly anticipated in by the young, young-at-heart and, this time, alternative fuel-lovers as well.

Pre-release promos show that Cars 2 will be fueled by Allinol, a new clean fuel. Visiting Pixar’s Wikipedia page yields a more in-depth description. Turns out, Allinol is based upon ethanol.

The new name, a combination of all-in-one and ethanol, clearly was chosen to help viewers relate this alternative fuel to the one already in each gallon of gas that they purchase.  To simplify, Pixar wants viewers to perceive the environmental benefits of a new sustainable fuel so they tie it to ethanol.

Today, movies require a significant amount of knowledge and research.  With so much money on the line, getting every detail right is key.  Pixar learned what corn growers and proponents of clean, sustainable domestic energy already knew; ethanol is a viable fuel source allows us to decrease both our environmental footprint and our dependence on foreign oil.