Corn Commentary

Fight Back Against Big Oil’s Big Plan

This week, American drivers mark a strange milestone as they have now paid an average of more than $3 per gallon for gas for 1,000 straight days. AAA says the prices are here to stay. Staring at the sky, pockets already emptied as paychecks haven’t kept up with inflation, frustrated commuters continue to ask, “Can’t anyone save us?”

Look toward the horizon instead of the heavens. The answer lies in corn fields across the country. As the wind blows through the stalks, it whispers, “ethanol.”

Just last year, drivers saved about a dollar a gallon through the use of E10 blends.  Now that E15 is becoming available in more markets anyone driving a 2001 or newer auto can increase their ability to make ethanol’s discount to gasoline work for them. For those with the foresight to purchase flex fuel vehicles, E85 can actually bring the cost down below the $3 per gallon threshold. With most drivers logging more than 12,000 miles per year, those savings can really add up.

Right now, Big Oil is spending an incredible amount of money, money made from selling American consumers costly fuel, in an attempt to kill the very policy that brings an E10 option to the pump. They have the infrastructure and power to ensure that they quash consumer choice. They promote this cloaked attack using dollars taken from your pocket.  Whether  using American driver dollars to shore up a monopoly and gain even more American driver dollars is a either diabolical plot or a  profitable business decision depends on which side of the gas hose you are on.

Join the fight against fossil fuel tyranny. Learn more about how renewable fuels save money for consumers and help save the environment. Together, we can escape from the oil-soaked clutches which would bleed our bank accounts dry. Learn more today.