Corn Commentary

Automakers Join Crowds Amassing to Tear Down That Blend Wall

Lately, many more people have become familiar with the concept of a blend wall. Claiming the Renewable Fuel Standard mandates levels of ethanol use too high to be met in the face of declining fuel consumption, the oil industry wants a waiver.

According to information released today by the Renewable Fuel Association, the entire concept of a blend wall is bogus. With more than 70 percent of the top selling cars approved for E15 usage by their own manufacturers in 2014, consumers can now make choices based in years of scientific testing instead of blindly buying into big oil’s murky malarkey. Consumers can choose E15.

Owners of all Ford, GM and Volkswagen 2014 models and certain models of Honda, Toyota, Mercedes-Benz, Jaguar and Land Rover have been given their maker’s blessing to buy E15, which had already been approved for use in cars model year 2001 or newer by the Environmental Protection Agency. Seemingly, the only place the blend wall remains relevant are in the hearts and minds of money-loving oil oligarchs.

Petro propaganda does serve a purpose. It helps petro-pushers keep a larger share of declining consumer fuel dollars in their pockets. One cannot fault corporations operating in a capitalist market for trying to protect their profits. They can fault them for perpetrating a gross injustice against Americans by doing so through lies and manipulation.

Automakers know their innovative, well-designed products run well on an innovative, well-designed fuel. They see that Americans need biofuels because they need cleaner air, energy security and a renewable fuel source that grows along with them. They are joining the mounting movement to tear down the old blend wall mentality.

Learn more about how to join them by clicking here or visit to see if new car you are considering is among the 70 percent that will fuel America’s biofuels future.