Corn Commentary

Eliminate Body Odor With Corn

ZemeaWe think of using corn for all kinds of products these days but have you considered deodorant? The folks at Dupont and Tate & Lyle have.

The DuPont Tate & Lyle Bio Products joint venture today announced that it is providing its innovative Zemea(TM) renewably sourced propanediol (Bio-PDO(TM)) product to Terra Naturals Inc., a personal care company, that has developed a line of natural deodorants that are corn-based, aluminum- and petroleum-free. Under the branded GREEN line of products, the deodorants are distributed through United Natural Foods in the United States and Purity Life in Canada and also are available at the Terra Naturals website,

Zemea Body DeodorantZemea(TM) renewably sourced propanediol is a 100 percent renewably sourced ingredient made from corn sugar. The Terra Naturals GREEN line includes deodorant sticks, sprays and roll-ons for men, women, teens and sport uses. These products offer excellent odor elimination, excellent texture and a non- sticky residue. The GREEN line products are free of petroleum-based chemicals, free of synthetic parabens and aluminum and use only plant derived ingredients.

“We are seeing increasing demand for products made from renewable, corn-derived ingredients in the cosmetics and personal care markets,” Steve Mirshak, DuPont Tate & Lyle Bio Products president, said. “While the demand for renewable products is real, we know consumers don’t want to compromise on the performance of their deodorants. We are pleased to offer Zemea(TM) as an ingredient that has helped Terra Naturals deliver a high-performance line of deodorants that really work.”