Corn Commentary

Iowa Corn Indy Back Again in 2010

The Iowa Corn Growers Association, the Iowa Corn Promotion Board and Pioneer are proud to announce that they have renewed their sponsorship for the Iowa Corn Indy 250, presented by Pioneer. The 4th Annual race will be held on Sunday, June 20th at the Iowa Speedway in Newton. This race marks the 4th trip to Iowa for the Indy Car Series and the 4th time the cars have driven nearly 200 miles per hour on 100 percent fuel grade
corn ethanol.

“Powering Indy Cars at top speeds is the ultimate in ethanol performance,” said Tim Burrack, a farmer from NE Iowa and Chairman of the Iowa Corn Promotion Board. “Iowa Corn is at the track again this year because the cars are not only running on corn ethanol, but thousands of Iowans hear and see our messages about the power, performance, reliability, and energy independence from homegrown corn ethanol.”