Corn Commentary

The Facts Are Piling Up

Looks like some of the so-called environmental groups may be having crow for dinner yet again.  A new peer-reviewed study from Stanford University demonstrates how modern agriculture has slowed the pace of global warming.  Given the incessant string of baseless criticism lobbed at agriculture over the past few years, it is refreshing to see a major university recognize the incredible role modern agriculture plays in feeding and sustaining our planet.

The study determined that high-yield agriculture has prevented the equivalent of 590 billion metric tons of carbon dioxide from entering the atmosphere.  The same high-yield production that many criticize while advocating for a return to more primitive methods has actually helped save the planet.  So when some environmentalist wannabe comes down on farmers, let him know the truth.  Well- respected scientists and informed citizens know that the U.S. farmer is a great environmentalist.  Arguing against the best technology, advanced practices and most carefully thought out agricultural model available in pursuit of a romanticized notion of a bygone era does not makes sense.