Corn Commentary

This Super Bowl, We Can All Cheer for Our Nation’s Farmers

Fans across the country are getting ready to spend this Sunday rooting on the Packers or the Steelers with friends.  While they enjoy one of the biggest sporting events of the year, they will enjoy hoagie sandwiches, chili, pizza and maybe a beer.  It takes more than just players to make these annual Super Bowl celebrations possible, it takes farmers.

Listening to office banter or chatting with friends, party goers excitedly discuss the menu nearly as much as the matchup.  What do most of the perennial favorites have in common?  Corn.

From buffalo wings to beer, corn makes the game day feast possible.  Serving as both a livestock feed for the sausage and pepperoni on the pizza and as an additive that gives Miller Lite its refreshing taste, the foods we enjoy while celebrating depend upon the abundant, affordable corn crop our nation’s farmers provide every year.

So this year, take a second during the pregame show to think about what the hard work of U.S. corn growers does for you.  The nation may be divided on which team to back this Sunday, but everyone can cheer on America’s family farmers.  So give a cheer for the team that gives it 110 percent by remembering that U.S. agriculture is working hard for you.

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