Corn Commentary

Make Your Voice Heard: GMO Provides Safe, Healthy Food for the World

Even as media reports bemoan rising food prices, foodie elitists don’t get the picture.  An ongoing poll on seems to shows that many people still do not understand that GMO crops allow farmers to grow enough food to feed the world’s growing population in an affordable manner.

Early this afternoon, over 77 percent of voters responded that they would prefer GMO foods be labeled.  While a request for information is not shocking, many of the comments posted are.  With cries to ban all GMO based upon false, misstated science and uninformed to fabricated anecdote, the wave of snobbish respondents demonstrates their lack of understanding.  Frankly, the comments show that they do not understand farming, the science behind food safety and show a genuine lack of concern for their fellow man who cannot afford to tool over to Whole Foods for organic kale every Sunday.

The poll is still open, so time is left to show that reasonable citizens support scientifically-proven, safe crops that help feed the growing population.  Simply click here and leave a comment showing that people in the know still have common sense and compassion.