Corn Commentary

Busted! Argonne Scientist Counters Ethanol Myths

With all of the misinformation about ethanol flying around, some consumers have become confused about who they can and cannot trust as a source of information.  Why not go straight to the experts?  An Argonne National Laboratory Transportation Technology R&D Center Mechanical Engineer has decided to clear the air and let everyone in on what scientists already know – ethanol is an excellent alternative fuel option.

Addressing fallacies about food prices, water use and greenhouse gas emissions, Forrest Jehlik shows clearly how the many misconceptions that plague ethanol have no scientific basis.  Backed by Argonne’s laudable reputation for scientific excellence, his statements provide the direct, clear facts.

Noting that the 900,000 barrels of ethanol the U.S. produces per day is equal to our Nigerian oil imports and “within striking distance of the amount we import from Venezuela or Saudi Arabia,” Jehlik gives strong reasons to reexamine our view of ethanol itself and of the policies and regulations aimed at this amazing industry.