Corn Commentary

Stroll Through the Past to Find the Truth Today

Sometimes, the cacophony deriding corn grows loud enough to drown out reason. Vague allegations based in variations on the big-is-bad theme swirl about creating a tornado of talk that obscures reality.

Now, through simple, concise facts, the National Corn Growers Association is helping sweep aside the clutter and show that corn is, and always has been, a quintessentially American crop, fueling innovation and national growth.

A new NCGA-developed timeline, available both online and as a supplement to the 2012 World of Corn, shows how corn played an integral role in the development of the Model T, the clean air movement and feeding our forefathers as they established the country.  With additional information on production trends that increase yields and sustainability simultaneously and fun facts about corn, this poster-sized infographic makes finding the facts about corn both easy and enjoyable.

Take a minute to stroll through the history of corn in America by clicking here and gaze out at the golden fields that fed and inspired history.