It May Sound Corny…

In Corny News, General, Media by Cathryn

Corny ArtIt may sound corny, but lately it seems that a lot of people talk about the omnipresence of corn. While this fact is inarguable, the negative tone of many articles on the corn-centric nature of our lives seems befuddling.  This week, the Kansas City Star took a more insightful approach to exploring how people interact with the crop in their daily lives.  As it turns out, a world without corn doesn’t seems like such a great place to live.

The author carefully walks through what a day without corn might look like. Unable to brush his teeth, scramble a decent egg and with his clothes falling to rags, he finds that corn actually makes small improvements to an incredible number of the items that make our lives more pleasant, healthy or comfortable.

The properties inherent to corn make it our nation’s most abundant crop for a reason. Lending useful applications to products as varied as pharmaceuticals and fireworks, corn may really be the glue the binds us together in many ways.

Another kernel of wisdom, it helps to make that glue too.

Corn is king not because it rules over us. Corn it king because IT RULES! Take a minute to check out how many great, interesting, useful ways that corn is used.

Farmers across the country work hard year in and year out to make sure there is a supply of corn so that consumers can enjoy everything from cosmetics to cola.  Let’s support the great efforts of our nation’s hardworking family farmers, even if it may sound corny to some ears.